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Common Requirements

Assignment Options#

You will choose one of the below assignment options:

Have an idea for a different dev assignment option? Get permission from @dev-leadz and work with your TPM to ensure your idea is feasible and fits in our assignment requirements. Some example other dev assignment options we've accepted are: dev onboarding document, TPM onboarding document, and SEV postmortem (but do still let us know if you're considering these options!)


Each option can only be used once per a semester. Contact @dev-leadz with a good reason why you want to repeat an option. Pull request discussion can only be used once; no exceptions.


Each dev assignment should be a writeup with the following baseline requirements:

  • At least 2-3 paragraphs, 300-450 words
  • Must be in a legible font, double-spacing recommended, PDF format
  • Must be based on work done this semester that has not been presented in an assignment before

Late Policy#

All dev assignments should be submitted by the deadline. Late submissions will be demoted to the next lowest grade tier (e.g. 96 to 93 or 93 to 90). In exchange, @dev-leadz promise to finish grading each dev assignment before the next one is due.