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Learning Doc (Learning Goals + Learning Progress)


Learning doc is only valid for newbie developers. As of SP22, this includes all devs who joined SP22 AND freshmen who joined FA21.


The Learning Doc assignment spans TWO dev assignments. The first assignment is the Learning Goals doc, in which you detail what you wish to learn. The second assignment is the Learning Progress doc, in which you document your progress in learning what you set out to learn in the first assignment. These two assignments will fulfill your two developer assignments requirement in your first semester on DTI.

Learning Goals#

This is the first assignment.

A Learning Goals document states what you wish to learn this semester, accompanied by a short justification for each goal if necessary.

What we are looking for in terms of goals (aim for at least 5 goals):

  • 3 actionable, targeted software areas you want to learn or improve (example: writing React Hooks or implementing React-Router)
  • 2 social, teamwork, and other professional skills that you want to develop

If you are unfamiliar with your subteam's tech stack, you should be setting goals to learn that.

Learning Progress#

This is the second assignment.

This is where you demonstrate progress in your learning goals. Ideally, go into detail for one engineering-related goals, and briefly talk about your progress in the others. Aim to have something to show in terms of progress for the main goal you'll discuss - a personal GitHub repo is great for this.

Required sections:

  • Main Goal
    • Overview
      • Your own summary of the purpose of the technology
      • What problems does it solve? Pros and cons
    • Concept explanation
      • A link to your personal GitHub repo to demonstrate that you actually learned the stuff.
      • Use your personal repo as as example, illustrate how is this technology applied (how to use the framework, workflow)
    • Application
      • How do you might you use this technology in your subteam's codebase?
  • Other goals
    • How have you progressed? Examples of how you've grown?
    • How will these learnings help you in the future?

Grading Tiers#

93%: Contribution was below expectations for that member of the team.

  • No examples of actually attempting to code tutorials or own work set by themselves and TPM provided (ie no technical proof of learning)

96%: Contribution was at expectations for that member of the team. This is the baseline grade.

  • Progress in multiple learning goals is described
  • Some progress in main learning goal

100%: Contribution was above expectations for that member of the team.

  • Progress in multiple learning goals is described
  • Clear technical proof of learning (personal repo and/or PRs)
  • Takeaways and applications of learning progress is discussed