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Pull Request Discussion


In each dev portfolio, you will hopefully submit a pull request to your team's repository with your work for that week. In the pull request discussion, you will take that PR that you submitted and discuss your implementation strategy, how you tested it, and any trade offs. Please discuss any edge cases or difficulties you encountered in your implementation. You will also elaborate on what you learned from completing that pull request.


The pull request discussion is the easiest dev assignment to complete and will usually earn you only the baseline grade. You may only use this option once so please consider saving this dev assignment for when you are most busy.

Grading Tiers#

93%: Contribution was below expectations for that member of the team.

  • No description or testing present in what you did
  • Pull Request was minimal effort (for example, a minor CSS fix)

96%: Contribution was at expectations for that member of the team. This is the baseline grade.

  • Decent description and some justification about pull request
  • Changes are helpful for the team or product.

100%: Contribution was above expectations for that member of the team.

  • Strong description and extensive testing provided in pull request
  • Strong justification about why the changes are needed
  • Strong justification about the implementation plan
  • Changes are very impactful for the team or product.

Real Examples#