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Semester Reflection


In each dev portfolio, you will hopefully submit a pull request to your team's repository with your work for that week. In the Semester Reflection, you will do more than just summarize the work that you have done this semester. You will critically analyze and relate how your technical work this semester has led to both the skills you gained and your personal growth (in both technical and non-technical areas)


The Semester Reflection dev assignment is only available for developers and TPMs taking DTI for full credit as the last dev assignment of the semester.

Grading Tiers#

93%: Contribution was below expectations for that member of the team.

  • Does not discuss growth beyond restating the work done in the past semester

96%: Contribution was at expectations for that member of the team. This is the baseline grade.

  • Discusses the technical skills gained during this semester in terms of the work done this semester
  • Describes how the technical skills gained this semester will be used in the future

100%: Contribution was above expectations for that member of the team.

  • Gives an introspective, critical analysis of personal growth in technical and non-technical skills
  • Describes areas that did not have as much growth
  • Relates technical work done/skills gained to changes in (or reinforcement of) the developer's existing mindset
  • Discusses future practices that will further along the developer's journey