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Dev 1 Credit Rubric

Devs may choose to take DTI for one (1) credit if the College of Engineering denies their petition to credit overload. Since DTI counts for fewer credits, your DTI responsibilities are adjusted accordingly. In particular, we're taking out some of the team requirements and focusing your 1 credit work on your subteam, so you can make the most impact.

Team Requirements#

  • Attendance at 2 All Hands
  • 1 team event credit
  • Team Assignment not required

Dev Requirements#

  • 3 (out of 4) dev portfolios
  • Dev Assignment 2 (survey)
  • DevSesh is completely optional

Please only enroll in DTI for 1 credit if you absolutely cannot add it or you have some other legitimate reason. We may consider phasing out this option for the next semester (FA21).