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Dev 1 Credit Rubric

Devs may choose to take DTI for one (1) credit if ONE of the following conditions apply:

  • Adding DTI for the regular amount of credits leads to credit overload, and your petition is denied.
  • You have been on DTI for two semesters
    • For freshmen who joined in the fall, that fall semester DOES COUNT, even if you took it for 0 credits

Since DTI counts for fewer credits, your DTI responsibilities are adjusted accordingly. In particular, we're taking out some of the team requirements and focusing your 1 credit work on your subteam, so you can make the most impact.

Team Requirements#

  • Attendance at 2 All Hands
  • 1 team event credit
  • Team Assignment not required

Dev Requirements#

  • 3 (out of 5) dev portfolios
  • Dev Assignment 2
  • DevSesh is completely optional