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Code Review


Code review is necessary to ensure our code quality, because linter and type checker cannot catch all problems.

At Cornell DTI, you will need 1 approving review to merge your changes to master, and at least 3 approving review to deploy master to production. Every developer on your team can review your code.

Reviewer's Responsibility#

As a reviewer, you should ask yourself these questions?

  • Does the author implement the feature in an efficient way?
  • Has the author considered all edge cases?
  • Does the pull request introduce a security vulnerability?
  • Are there any ugly hacks?
  • etc

If there is anything unclear, you should ask for the author's clarification. Ideally, these clafications should also be put in the code comments.

Dos and Don'ts#

  • Do review pull requests often.
  • Do reject bad code.
  • Do reject pull requests with no summary and test plan.
  • Do reject giant pull requests.
  • Do address reviewer's concern if they are valid.
  • Do defend your approach, if you think your approach is better.
  • Do let the author merge the pull request.
  • Don't take pull request rejections personally.
  • Don't ignore your peer's pull requests.
  • Don't accept pull requests that you don't understand.

Relevant Docs#