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CI (Continuous Integration)#

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of building and testing each commit in the repository. It is done automatically by machines and can be integrated with GitHub to display the status of each commit.

Cornell DTI uses GitHub Actions as our CI service.

Each active project must contain a CI configuration that checks the following:

  • Code Style
  • Linter Errors
  • Your project can build/compile

All CI checks must pass before your branch can be merged into master.

Here is an example CI workflow:

name: CI
on: push
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
- uses: actions/checkout@master
- name: Set up Node
uses: actions/setup-node@v1
# Use cache to speed up yarn install
- name: Use Yarn Cache
uses: actions/cache@v1
path: ~/.cache/yarn
key: yarn-${{ hashFiles(format('{0}{1}', github.workspace, '/yarn.lock')) }}
restore-keys: yarn-
- name: Yarn Install
run: yarn install
# Check potential code problems
- name: Run Linter
run: yarn lint
- name: Run TypeScript Compiler
run: yarn tsc
- name: Build Website
run: yarn build

CD (Continuous Deployment)#

Continuous deployment (CD) is a practice that deploys each good commit (after passing) CI to staging servers.

  • For heroku projects, we configure heroku to autodeploy master branch to staging.
  • For Firebase projects, we use GitHub Actions to auto deploy the app to Firebase Hosting.

Repository Policies and Tools#

  • Bad code cannot be merged into master
    • All code must be committed to a separate branch before merging.
    • All code must pass CI checks before merging.
    • All code must pass code review before merging.
  • Giant pull requests are prohibited.
    • big-diff-warning will automatically invite developer lead to review giant pull requests.
    • Unless there is a convincing reason for big pull requests, there will be rejected.
  • Timely feedback of pull requests
  • Website/App Status Checks
    • dti-repo-tools performs health check for every project with public website every ten minutes.

Relevent Documentation#