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Text Editor


At Cornell DTI, we do not offically support or discourage the usage of any particular text editor. However, it will be helpful if your editor has following features:

  • autocompletion using type information
  • showing linter errors directly in the editor
  • good syntax highlighting

Editor Setup#


Installing ESLint in VSCode will give you real-time linter feedback in any JavaScript code you write, allowing you to quickly pinpoint many problems and have readable, proper formatting.

Once installed, add these lines to your VSCode Settings (refer to this link if you need help getting there, alternatively open command palette CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+P and search settings.json):

// Other settings ...
"eslint.alwaysShowStatus": true,
"eslint.enable": true,


Git Graph#

Installing Git Graph in VSCode will help you visualize your Git history. It is particularly helpful when your Git is messed up.

Git Graph