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Development Guidelines

This covers guidelines for your work as a dev/TPM.

GitHub Use Guidelines#

  • For TPM
    • Set up a PR template that includes a summary, edge case discussion, and manual testing methodology
    • Small PRs! Encourage devs to have smol PRs
      • More PRs to count!
      • Each PR is easier to review!
    • Encourage branches to be named systematically (if not already).
      • Examples:
        • [name]-[FEATURE-NAME]
    • Set up ESLint on push (and require lint to pass in order for build to pass) if not already set up
    • Set up pre-commit hooks
      • ESLint and Prettier
      • If things are slow, check that you are only linting files that have been changed
    • Migrate to GitHub Issues if not already
      • use labels to categories as issue/bug, triage importance + difficulty
      • allows dev leads to see development progress
      • if you already have your own system, let us know
  • For All
    • Don't approve PRs unless it has a good manual testing plan, or adequate unit testing
      • Don't approve PRs without manually testing it
    • Don't merge in PRs that are not yours (without a good reason)
    • Be detailed with PR descriptions
      • Follow template (we are requiring all subteams to have a PR template)
      • Please be thorough in writing manual testing methodology

Code Reviews#

  • Please review your fellow devs's PRs! (even if it already has a review)
  • Leaving a review requires following the author's test plan, plus your own tests if you think there are gaps
  • Your portfolio reviews requirement is happy that you are doing this :D