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Postmortem Template

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Date: Date of the incident.

Owner: @mention the owner of this document.

Meeting Scheduled for: Most postmortems require a meeting to review them and make sure we learn from our mistakes. For some, posting in the #engineering Slack will suffice - use your discretion.

Status: Complete / action items in progress / Ongoing


Short description of the issue, 1-2 sentences.

Root Causes#

Technical explanation of the issue.


What specific steps and actions were taken to stabilize the issue. Should not include related action items or long term fixes, that should fall under Action Items.


Impact is the effect on users, revenue, etc. Be specific and include real numbers.


List dates and times relevant to the issue - detection, actions taken, people alerted.


  • What went well?
  • What didn't go well?

Action Items#

  • @mention people to assign action items. Link to relevant issues in bug tracker.